Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 26, 2013, Missionary Training Center, Provo

Dear Dad,
I love it at the MTC so much. Mom said it is the best place on earth and she was right!! I don't think I have smiled so much in my entire life. My companion is awesome and my district is amazing! We all have such a positive attitude. I don't have much time because it took me 45 minutes to be able to login....I hate technology, lol! I miss you, but not in a homesick way which is cool! I wish I could tell you everything! Our schedules are so busy, there is almost no time to study. 
The teachers here are so amazing! They are filled with so much knowledge. Tuesday was the most amazing day. All of us were screaming for joy because of all the revelation we were receiving. It is so cool and the Spirit is amazing here. The role plays we do here are so cool. Brother Green our teacher acts as Josh in Sister Anderson and my teaching appointments, and they make it so real. We plan what we are going to teach, study, plan and then pray for the spirit all the time! We go in to teach and next thing we know the spirit is helping us know what to say and what direction to take the lesson. We invited "Josh" to baptism and he accepted. I asked him to read 2 Nephi 31 from the Book of Mormon for next appointmen,t which was so inspired because the next time we met we wanted to teach him about the commandments but he had a concern. He was worried that he had to be perfect after baptism and about what if he still made mistakes. He Had read in  2 Nephi 31:14 something along the lines of... "if ye should deny my words after this witness it would be better that ye had not known me" (don't quote me on that, pretty sure its not perfect). It was great because we were still trying to figure out if we were really teaching him what he needed to hear and right there he told us what he wanted to know. So we told him that baptism is just the beginning and he will need to continue on having faith in Jesus Christ, repenting and then through the sacrament and Holy Ghost he can continue to be cleansed from sin if he really tries to be better. This life is filled with continual mistakes, repentance and progression. He felt a lot better after we explained to him these things. It was so good!! Anyways, I love it here!
Thank you so much for being such great parents. Teaching me in the gospel and being great examples of love, knowledge, patience and so much more. I love you both so much and am so happy! If this is what the Celestial Kingdom will be like, then I am going to work even harder to make it there! It has been hard and I have had some lows, because I get frustrated and just want the revelation to know what to teach, and what I say to my investigator to truly prick their heart. But I learn everyday and am slowly coming to understand how the Spirit works and how to rely on the Spirit. My companion is very "free spirited" and I am super crazy wanting our whole lesson plan planned out. So we realized we need to plan to a degree, but then allow the Spirit to really guide the lessons
. Anyway, I love it and am so happy! I love my companion, district and branch! I love you and I know this church is true and that the only way back to God is through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! 
Talk to you next week!

Love Sister Luening

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