Saturday, August 17, 2013

July 25, 2013, Independence, Missiouri

 Guten Tag, 

This week was kind of a whirlwind, but it was good! I'm plugging along and really tried to focus this week on getting better at tracting and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ from door to door. Something that my companion and I discussed the other day to help us figure out how to improve in our teachings and conversations with people was by reading over Alma 22. This is when Aaron teaches King Lamoni about God. I think it is just so cool how much of an example he is for how we should teach. He builds off the king's understanding, and doesn't answer his question right away about what the Holy Ghost is, but starts from the beginning and builds his way up to it. He teaches King Lamoni about God and who he is (Lesson 1);  then he talks about God's purpose for us (Lesson 2: Plan of Salvation); then he goes on to talk about Jesus Christ and His Gospel (Lesson 3: The Gospel of Jesus Christ). He went through all the lessons that we as missionaries teach today. After teaching King Lamoni in Alma 22 vs 16, he tells King Lamoni that if he wants to know if what he has been taught is true that he needs to pray and ask God. I just think it is so cool, how much the scriptures really teach us and apply to our own lives today J!

Tracting has been kind of slow. We have an old map and the lay out is crazy. There are often times multiple roads with the same name but in completely different sides of our area. It makes for a lot of time wasted, especially since we have to walk. But Sister H and I have been trying to make the most of it and take hold of any opportunity we can to teach people we come across. We had an interesting opportunity yesterday. There was a guy on a bike and he saw us walking and asked if he could have one of our pamphlets. I told him he could and began to teach him what it was about. We realized fairly quickly that he really wasn't as interested in the church as he was in us. He asked where we were from, and intially thought my companion was from Canada. However, once he found out I was the Canadian, he kind of directed his attention to me, and said when I'm done my mission we will have to travel to Canada together, ha-ha! It was kind of funny, and I'm not too sure how serious he is about learning about the church, but he also referred us to his parents. But hey, at least I got a teaching opportunity out of it, because for the 3 hours we tracted, nobody was home.

The Visitor Center was super busy yesterday. We did tours for 5 hours straight with one 30 minute dinner break. Usually though, it dies down every once in a while. Yesterday we had about 350 people come through, so it was go, go, go go! It made for a really fast day, though. I met a couple who were from Germany. The wife was English, born and raised in Preston. The husband was German, but I can't remember where he was from. Their two sons are living in Austria and going to school there. It was cool talking to them. Anyways, my companion and I finished teaching L and she will be baptized this Sunday. I am so excited for her. She is already being such a great example for her family. She took her husband to a fireside that was happening. Her husband didn't really want to go (he is less active) but she dragged him there anyways, ha-ha! She is so strong!

Keep having a great week. I love you all and miss you so much! Know that I am happy and I am learning more and more every day. The Lord is truly with me J!
Love Sister Luening

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