Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014, Kearney, Missouri

Dear Family,

Seriously these weeks are going so fast, I don't get it! Well, after all the excitement and bolstering up about training I am officially (drum roll please.......) still a normal missionary, ha-ha! No training call for me, so I have dodged the bullet once more. Obviously, there is still more for me to learn and I am excited for that opportunity. I guess there is still a slight very small, miniscule chance that Sister Morris and I could be together one more transfer, although I highly doubt it. So, I won't know until tomorrow night when transfer calls are made.

Yesterday we were able to take our recent convert, Kate, to the Independence Visitor Center!! It is about a 45 minute drive and the Elders had planned to go down with their recent convert for President's Devotional. The members they were catching a ride with have a 12 passenger van, and they invited us over for dinner and told us if we wanted to take Kate, we could also catch a ride with them. We were so excited!! So, while the Elders and the family were in the basement for President's Devotional, were able to go around with Kate upstairs and show her all the awesome fun teaching resources take her through the video presentation, "God's Plan for His Family", and to the Christus statue. It was awesome and she loved it!! A bonus was being able to see a ton of the sisters at the VC who I used to serve with - it was like a mini re-union. It was awesome!! Sometimes I wonder if missionary work should be this much fun, but I figure I better take it all in before something comes along that creates a lot of stress, ha-ha!

On Thursday Sister Morris and I got to go to the temple! It was amazing! I have just been thinking a lot about how amazing it is that we have a Saviour. How excited we must have been when Heavenly Father explained his plan to us, and how grateful we must have been when Christ told us he would be our Saviour. Can you just imagine, us being there knowing that all of us, who chose to follow Christ and God, would come to earth, but we would be tempted and face trials that could take us farther from God's presence. I think that would have made me a little scared and concerned. But, then we find out that because of our Elder Brother, Jesus Christ, we would have a second, third, fourth, fifth, infinite amount of chances to be able to overcome our mistakes and be able to return to live with God. It is truly amazing! I am so grateful for the love that both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ have for each of us. The love that propelled them to act and enable us to be able to return to live with God, if we so choose to follow him. I love you all and the choices you have made in your own lives to be such great examples for me.

Kass, keep up the awesome work! I guess I feel kind of confused about all these random jobs you seem to be applying for, ha-ha! But I guess work is work and money is money. Good Luck on getting that art studio job. Also keep up the awesome work on P-90X....just BRING IT!! I started it last week too, but of course I don't have the motivating DVD's with Tony Horton, just the book - oh well!

Elder Luening, sounds like every week seems to be quite the adventure for you at the train station, ha-ha! And you did all that running around with the Sister's boxes of Books of Mormon, lol!

Mom, I'm glad you had a good relaxing week and I think my bank card didn't work because I didn't use a Bank of America ATM. Thank-you for sending my P-90X book and the card and money. Please tell the Redekops thank-you so much for me, or could you send me their email or mailing address so I can write a nice note to them, thanks J !

Dad, you are awesome! I love your emails because they are always so uplifting and always help me on crazy P-days to still bring my focus to the Lord and his work.

Jeremy, how's it going? Haven't heard from you or about you in a while! Are you alive or have the slopes killed you?! J

I love you all and hope you are having a great week!

Love, Sister Luening

 (noteIt really is an art teacher position Kass has applied for - not so random!).

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