Wednesday, July 16, 2014

June 17, 2014 Liberty, Missouri

Dear Family!

Well, this last week has been crazy :) To start off let me tell you it was transfers last week. Sister McDonnell and I thought we would be together at least one more transfer since we've only been together one transfer, but knowing my track record for companions and how for the majority of the time I only get a companion for one transfer, fate hit once again, and I'm back on a one transfer streak. So normally we get the transfer roster at about 9am, which we did get on Tuesday evening, but in the morning right after I sent my email to you guys, President Keyes called. He asked to speak with me, and he ended up telling me that he was calling to discuss the transfer I would hear about later that evening. He told me he wanted to discuss it with me so it wouldn't come as a shock. He told me that Sister McDonnell would be getting transferred and that my new companion would be SISTER MORRIS.....AGAIN!!!! I was super shocked, seriously you should have seen my face! I didn't say a thing for 10minutes while President Keyes told me about why we would be companions again. I was sad to know Sister McDonnell would be leaving, scared to take over an area I barely knew, and now excited to be companions with Sister Morris. It brought back fun memories we had together in Kearney.  He said in the three years he's been a mission president there has only been one other time where he has felt two missionaries who were companions previously should be companions again, crazy, huh! So, sister Morris is now at Historic Liberty Jail, which was her dream come true and serving in the Liberty 1st ward with me for her last transfer. President Keyes told me since this is sister Morris' last transfer next transfer I will be getting a new companion again, but I will more than likely be training, that was intimidating to hear. So the next few transfers should be interesting. But I'm excited to be back with Sister Morris, its been a fun week so far and its nice that we already know we get along, and are like best friends :)
So here's something else that is kind of funny. Mom, you asked if the package arrived. It did! So, while I was companions with Sister McDonnell I think just about every morning I would look at her and say "I think my package is going to come today". So for about a month we both eagerly awaited the arrival of my package. And guess when it came, the day after transfers, so Sister McDonnell never got to take part in my package arriving, oh well, haha! Sister Morris says thanks for sending all the Canadian treats :) Its like being together for Christmas all over again. Seriously though, thanks for the package it was so awesome!! The missionary medallion was really wonderful! I love it! The freezies, were a brilliant idea, and I was so excited to see home-made jam and I must say its just as delicious as I remember! Also, all the Canada Day stuff was hilarious to pull out, and you bet I'll be struttin' my stuff on Canada Day! In fact Canada Day this year is on my P-Day, so that will be great, and I'll be sure to deck out my companion with the celebratory things ;) The Canada Football was cute, and that giant  blow-up balloon you sent, you bet I blew it up, and the packaging didn't lie! It does blow up to four feet! CRAZY!!
Things have been going really well though! Sister Morris and I have been finding more people to teach. There's a 15 year old girl named C we taught once and her mom was away in Vegas. Last Saturday, we were supposed to meet with C to teach her the message of the restoration. We realized since we didn't officially have her mom's permission to teach her and since she's not an adult, we figured there might be a mission rule against going and teaching her in her home. We called up the zone leaders and they said we should probably get permission from her mom and not go in their home alone. So we headed to our teaching appointment and figured we would just talk to C about the situation on her doorstep. Well, guess what! Her mom, S, got home from Vegas, and so we were able to talk with her and she wanted to reschedule a time for us to come back and teach her with her daughter C. Now we're going to be teaching both of them. MIRACLE!! S, the mom, was taught last fall, but she got really busy with school and so the missionaries could never catch her at a good time, but we are excited to pick things up again and help them see how much the gospel will bless them as a family :)

So something funny, the sisters at the Liberty House, where we don't live anymore, have been begging me to run over to the house at 6:30am to make them do P-90X. Apparently, they want me to be their personal trainer, haha! So on Saturday, Sister Morris and I sacrificed 10 minutes of our precious sleep, got up early and headed to the house. I kicked their patooties! We did Plyometrics, it was actually a lot of fun doing it together as a group! They want me to come on a daily basis for morning exercise, but we'll see if that happens, I might alternate it and go over there every other day, and just mainly workout at our place. But, its fun getting the whole house back into shape ;)

Dad, I hope you had a great Father's Day! I'm sending a card in the mail today, since I didn't have time last week to finish writing in it. So expect a card in the next few weeks. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEREMY!! You're 20 years old, that's crazy!! I also have a card in the mail for you. Just know I love you and am super proud of how hard you are working! You're awesome!! Well, I miss you all! I hope you are all doing well. I can't believe how many people seem to keep passing away in the ward. Its sad to hear about, but I know that they are enjoying a state of peace and rest. I love this gospel. I love serving at the Historic Liberty Jail. Over the last week, I have been able to receive my own personal revelation of different lessons that can be learned from the Liberty Jail experience and to help you understand what I teach and testify about everyday in that sacred Historic Liberty Jail, I would invite you to read the talk by Elder Holland entitled " Lessons from Liberty Jail". It is an amazing talk and can really help us deepen our testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the love our Heavenly the Father and the depth and power that comes from the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ.  
Love you all!

Sister Luening

P.S. If you want to read it, here's the link to

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