Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014 Liberty, Missouri

Dear Family!

Well, its been another great week in Zion! I'm glad to hear that vacation was fun and relaxing. Over the last week, in going to various teaching appointments I have really been able to feel the Spirit working through me in answering different questions that Investigators have had. I have been led by the Spirit in what to say and how to say it with clarity. I have felt truly blessed. S got really sick this week and asked the elders to come and give her a blessing, by Sunday she was feeling good enough to come to sacrament meeting, but was completely exhausted by the end of the meeting. So she went home. I was excited to see her exercise her faith in coming to at least sacrament meeting considering that just a month ago, if she wasn't feeling well, she would have used that as an excuse not to come. So we are proud of the progress she is making. The ward is also getting involved in helping her with a service project having to do with organizing her house. So, I'm really grateful for all the efforts the ward is making in trying to reach out to her. A, has been doing great. She is still on date to be baptized on the 23rd and she is soaking everything in like a sponge. She comes to church having read the R.S lesson ahead of time and in the Book of Mormon over the last two weeks she has read from 1 Nephi all the way to the Book of Helaman. She is on fire! Its awesome. An another investigator we have been teaching is still progressing. We taught her the plan of Salvation. We brought a member with us who lives just down the street from her and has a daughter the same age as her daughter. They seemed to connect really well and it was a great lesson. Our member, did an awesome job in helping to answer some of An's concerns and in inviting the Spirit into the lesson. It was great! Sister Barrow did a great job as well and there was definitely unity in our teaching. Otherwise, things are going well. We managed to have a few less actives come to church as well whom we visited with and invited to come, which was great! All of the investigator we found last week, dropped off, so we are back to finding again, but I feel very blessed because of the teaching opportunities we do have with the investigators that are progressing. This week is Zone Conference and I am super excited for that. I love zone conferences. Last week we had zone training. The trainings were wonderful and the zone leaders asked specific missionaries to bear their testimony at different points in our training. Those testimonies brought the Spirit so strong and I think my favorite phrase that I took from the testimonies was from Sister Hansen. Something that was a large focus in our trainng was the doctrine behind baptism. Our purpose as missionaries and what baptism does for those we teach. Sister Hansen talked about the sacred privilege it is to be a missionary. She mentioned that some people come out on missions feeling like they need to have a good "sales pitch" for why people should become Mormon, and she said, "We are not selling the gospel! We are teaching God's children about their Father in Heaven." It was great being reminded about creating a vision for our investigators. Seeing where they are now and seeing where their father in Heaven would have them be. An eternal perspective is key to helping our investigators progress in the way that they need.

I love this gospel. I'm grateful for the joy I feel in the knowledge I have gained through our Heavenly Father's plan. He didn't just have a goal in mind for us and said good luck, hope you make it. But that he laid out a specific plan with a pathway of steps to follow to guide us back to him, and that is The Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for it. I am grateful for the opportunity I have to serve at the Historic Liberty Jail and to remind people of the eternal perspective we must have in our lives. That the challenges and difficulties we face, if we hold strong through them and endure well that we will receive the fullness of joy our Father in Heaven desires for us to have. I'm blessed to be a missionary. Thanks for all your love and support! Have a great week. Keep searching out the missionary opportunities. Dad, good job on inviting mom's aunt to church. That's all we can do, is invite. I love you all! Keep an eternal perspective for yourselves and those you see.


Sister Luening

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