Monday, September 22, 2014

September 15, 2014 Blue Springs, Missouri

Dear Family!

Things are still going great out here in Blue Springs :) Sister Kang and I were able to find a bunch of new investigators, some of them weren't very solid but we are really excited to talk with J and his two boys tonight. Last Monday after our dinner appointment we were walking back to our car that we parked a little ways down the street, and exactly that time J and his two sons were riding their bikes towards us. J looked kind of intimidating. He was pretty buff and had tattoos all over. Definitely, MMA status. They stopped and asked us what we were selling. We told them we weren't selling anything and that we were missionaries and just finished having dinner with some members of our congregation. We ended up talking to them for about 15 minutes about the restoration. J said he really wants his boys to grow up knowing God, and that they switch between two churches. We gave them a book of Mormon and asked if we could share more, so we are going by tonight. He was super nice and so open. We're excited to see how things go. 
Also, K is still on date for her baptism. We are really praying that her back surgery won't be scheduled for October 11th, otherwise she won't be able to be baptized for two more months and she is just so ready. She has a deep testimony of the Book of Mormon and knows this is Christ's church restored to the earth. Today she is officially going to completely stop smoking. She was down to 4 cigarettes a day for about 2 weeks and she feels confident that she can give it up completely :)
The members here are so great. There are so many part member families in this ward. Its really interesting because a lot of the non-member husbands come to church with their kids and wives, yet they aren't baptized. It is mind boggling to me of why they aren't baptized yet. WE are hoping to work more with those families to try and dig-out their concerns. Its like the iceberg analogy, most people know about a mild concern, for these individuals, but it obviously goes a lot deeper down than we can see. But in preach my gospel it says, " Heavenly Father knows the hearts and experiences of all people (the complete iceberg) and will help you know what is best for each person." I hope that as we get to know these families and individuals that Heavenly Father will guide us by the Spirit to know how we can best help these individuals progress and become eternal families.
I love this area, I am so grateful for my hard-working and loving companion Sister Kang. I feel so blessed to know that things are going well back home and that so many blessings are pouring into our family. God truly is a God of miracles. Keep working hard. Always keep in mind this saying that I heard on sunday,  "Live in such a way that those who know you, but don't know Christ, will want to know Christ because they know you". `
Sister Luening

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