Monday, November 11, 2013

October 2, 2013, Independence Missouri

Dear Family,  
     I also forgot to mention that we had quite the eventful evening at the Visitor Center on Saturday during the Relief Society Broadcast.  I think I caught about 15 minutes of it. I was on shift at the Visitor Center but we set up the broadcast downstairs so we could watch it if it wasn't too busy there. Well at 7:00PM no one was touring so we headed downstairs to watch it. About one minute into the broadcast the fire alarms and lights went off. It was so loud. It turned out poor Sister Erickson had burned her toast so badly in the toaster it was charred black. There was so much smoke in the lunch room. We stood on chairs and fanned the smoke detector for a good 10 minutes, but it wouldn't turn off. We waited for the fire truck to come and the fire men tried to disarm the alarm but it wouldn't shut off. Finally an hour later they were able to disarm the fire alarm. We sisters went outside with a laptop and tried to watch the rest of the broadcast. I'm definitely going to need to watch the broadcast from beginning to end though, because I don't remember anything of the 15 minutes I caught. It was a crazy evening, but we got some pretty good pictures with the firemen out of it, lol!

Sister Luening

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